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  • Origin of the vehicle

    Used vehicles from our offer are exclusively purchased new, from authorized dealers in Serbia, with a known service history, guaranteed accurate mileage and condition of the vehicle.


  • Is vehicles mileage accurate ?

    Stock Center guarantees the accuracy of mileage for all vehicles from our offer. All vehicles from the offer are purchased new in Serbia, from authorized dealers and used exclusively by the first owner.


  • Number of vehicle owners?

    All vehicles from the offer had the first and only owner.

  • Do vehicles have a service history ?

    Our vehicles are regularly maintained at service intervals and requirements prescribed by the manufacturer. At the customer's request, we can provide insight into the service history of the vehicle.


  • Vehicle price and associated purchase costs ?

    The prices of the vehicles from the offer are with VAT, so that the Buyer does not have the additional cost of tax on the transfer of absolute rights. The costs of registration are borne by the Buyer.